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Local free-thinkers helping everyone get the most from the one life we have


Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

Welcome to Chester Humanists

Chester Humanists aims to provide a friendly and inclusive space supporting people with a humanist outlook seeking a purposeful life.


The group does this by providing a range of events including social activities, talks, discussions and workshops.


Chester Humanists is an independent group which is active in the local community, helping improve lives locally and engaging with other local groups sharing our humanist values.

We are humanists living in and around Chester, Wirral and North Wales - we're a friendly bunch!

As Humanists we believe a meaningful life is achieved by seeking happiness in this life and helping others do the same.

What do we do?

The group offers opportunities for like minded folk to get together socially - to discuss anything and everything - to learn together and to be entertained.  

Our aim is to provide a safe, comfortable space for members to learn more about humanism and themselves, as well as build friendships with like-minded individuals.


We try and help each other out where we can - share our skills and experiences.

Within the group there are highly trained celebrants who can help celebrate life and pastoral support volunteers. 


There are trained school speakers who can visit schools and community groups to introduce or discuss humanist perspectives. 

The group engages with other groups who share our values and support community projects in a variety of ways.

What is


Humanists take a naturalistic view of life - acknowledging that humans are part of the natural world and live in the here and now. 


We seek to make the best use of the one life we have by creating meaning and purpose for ourselves, using reason, experience and shared human values. 

We are curious about life and the world around us - we trust in the scientific method to help us understand how the universe works. We make our ethical decisions based on reason, empathy, and a concern for human beings, for all life and the natural world. 

Humanists are truly secular and wish for everyone to live the life they want to live as long as that doen't hurt or impinge upon others. Diversity is a strength.

Humanism is not a religion but a worldview that relishes the opportunities that being alive offers. Humanists do not believe in any supernatural entities.

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