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Chester Humanists 

... aiming to help each other in the one life we know we have...

Chester Humanists are currently (@January 2024) developing a program of activities. Many of these will appear on this site.

Please "sign up" to this site using the log in at the top of the page.

When you sign up you will be able to leave crtain details which will help us keep in touch with you via an email mailing list.


We only need basic details - name, email address and (optional) telephone number. This data is held securely and only to be used to communicate about activities relebvant to Chester Humanists - you can ask to be removed from the list of course at any time.   

Please also consider joining our Facebook Group (and page), MeetUp and WhatsApp groups as well though as some events and communications will be advertised there easier and more frequently.

As ever we are looking to find resources (people!) who can help maintain the various platforms we use.If you want to help in any way please let us know - email

Chester Humanists became an independent group @ July 2023. 

We are always looking to help build a sense of community in and around Chester and to offer a range of activities that will appeal to a wide cross section of people. 

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