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Imagine a ceremony that marks a major life event in a way that is personal, sincere, and honest.



Our celebrants create, write and conduct a range of ceremonies to mark the big moments in life, including baby naming ceremonies, weddings and funerals.

Whether you want a ceremony that is intimate or large, relaxed or formal, modern or traditional, and whether it’s to celebrate something joyful or mark something sad, we can tailor a ceremony to meet your needs.

You can expect a humanist baby naming ceremony, wedding or funeral to be bespoke – specifically aimed at the people involved;  It will be warm and genuine, honest about joy and sadness, and giving a dignified focus to the specialness of human life on this earth rather than an idea of an afterlife.



Our celebrants are part of Humanist Ceremonies™, the growing network of over 300 celebrants trained and accredited by Humanists UK who work across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands. 


Providing high-quality, personal, non-religious ceremonies is something we take very seriously. Our celebrants are thoroughly trained and quality assured. They are passionate about their work and providing people with an appropriate way to mark the most important moments in their lives.

Within our Chester Humanists group, we have trained celebrants who are able to offer local services.

Interesting in coming along to one of our monthly meetings?

Want to learn more about the pastoral care services we offer, or the talks we give to young people in schools? 

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