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We offer a friendly and relaxed environment to meet, discuss and connect with like-minded people.

  • Regular meet-ups with talks on a variety of topics

  • Socials where we chat around a table or discuss particular themes

  • An introduction to Humanism through our exploratory 'One Life Sessions'

  • Support for annual events like the 'Great Get-Together'


We have a range of events to suit everyone - see sections below for dates of what's coming up


World Humanists Day, Social Meet-up
Mon. 21st June 2021 @6:30pm
The Humanist Garden,
Grosvenor Park, Chester



Join us in person (subject to prevailing Covid restrictions) for a long overdue, social meet-up, chat and perhaps a visit to a nearby hostelry.

Guest Speaker -
Boyd Sleator

The Humanist Experience in Northern Ireland


Wed. 30th June, 2021, 7pm

Boyd is the Coordinator for Northern Ireland Humanists, the section bringing together all of Humanists UK’s members and supporters in Northern Ireland. Boyd’s role is to expand the reach of Northern Ireland Humanists’ campaigns, services, events, community, and public awareness work. He is particularly motivated around issues related to education reform in Northern Ireland and has spearheaded calls for reform of the Religious Education curriculum and for an end to religious privilege in state-funded schools.
From it's inception 5 years ago, Northern Ireland Humanists has grown from a small 230 member and supporter base to over 2700.
Boyd will discuss how this happened and what has worked while engaging with the local Humanist community. Community engagement in Northern Ireland doesn't stop with Humanists. There are many diverse and marginalised communities in NI and we are proud to be a voice that engages with and speaks for many of those underrepresented voices. Boyd will talk about Northern Ireland Humanists becoming instrumental in the Interfaith Forum, the types of interfaith and belief dialogue they have engaged in, and how that engagement has helped raise awareness of Humanism, and ultimately helped shaped positive and progressive social change in NI.


Humanist Memorial Event

POSTPONED due to revised government pandemic guidance.

New date to be announced.

St. Mary's Creative Space,
St. Mary's Hill,


Memorial White Rose

Many people have suffered bereavement during the Pandemic and the restrictions have limited the opportunity to fully acknowledge what has happened and to grieve.  Others have been affected in different ways as a result of the limits on social interaction and the fear and anxiety. This ceremony – with words, symbolic acts and music seeks to offer a much needed opportunity for us to come together and support each other as we take stock and look to the future

More information and details to follow.

Annual Events

Heading 4



Ad-hoc meet ups in a local pub or restaurant to chat around a table and get to know each other or to discuss a particular theme

One Life Sessions

Finding meaning in Life, Happiness, Critical thinking and finding out about the world, Living Well - the Environment and World around us - Spirituality


Six interactive discussion based sessions that look at different aspects of Humanism

Join the course or come along for a particular session

Dates are currently being confirmed and will be posted as soon as they are available

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