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Roles & Responsibilities    20th February 2024

AGM: July 2004

Committee – maximum 10 persons.

The following list of roles is not exhaustive and some people take on more than one role at a time. The list hopefully gives a reasonable indication of the activities the group wishes to offer. If you are reading this page and have skills that would help please get in touch. 

Some of these roles (in burgundy colour) require committee membership. Some of the roles listed do not currently have a name assigned. 

Group Coordinator  chair meetings of the Committee, represent the Group at functions/meetings that the Group has been invited to or nominate an attendee act as spokesperson for the Group when necessary. Keep an overview and records of the groups activities

Deputy Group Coordinator: As above on a deputy basis

Treasurer supervise the financial affairs of the Group, process expense and other payments, keep proper accounts that show all monies collected and paid out by the Group

manage banking facilities, prepare reports as required.

Secretary schedule meetings (including AGM) and take and keep minutes of meetings

prepare the agenda for meetings of the Committee and the Group in consultation with

the Coordinator and others, collect and circulate any relevant information within the Group

Deal with correspondence

Membership Secretary Welcome people to the group maintain the membership list (including email list) website email list to be maintained and backup list (spreadsheet etc), issue communications (event updates), develop membership package


Events Coordinator  Take an overview on the group’s events programme - Talks and Workshops (individuals)

Projects   Great Get Together      Retreat    Festival of Light   


Literary leader (Thinking out loud etc)


Walks Coordinator  Walking leader/coordinator – to arrange walks and encourage others to arrange walks and publicise.


Garden Coordinator Arrange gardening meetups Garden Maintenance & development


Garden Signs Project Coordinator


Newsletter Editor Liaise with members of the group and create and issue a regular newsletter

Website/social media coordinator Ensure frequent posts on our different platforms

Social events and trips coordinator   Monthly Social update – different committee members each month reporting on the committee discussions, plans and thoughts etc – invite suggestions and participation (e.g. volunteering opportunities/events)

Volunteering Coordinator Identify opportunities for humanists to volunteer (as a group) and arrange.


Activism Lead  Identify opportunities to get involved in promoting things important to humanists


Green Actions Coordinator  


Community Liaison Coordinator Build links with local organisations


Dialogue Coordinator Maintain links with people of different world views and consider joint events & involvement in civic activity in the area.


Community Services Coordinator Respond to requests re school visits and other talks, to celebrancy & pastoral contacts and keep some records on activity with the groups region

Humanist Groups Coordinator Establish & maintain links with other humanist groups in the area  Consider joint events


Discussion groups – perhaps at different venues

Youth leader


Inclusion Lead

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