.. to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow ...   Audrey Hepburn 




Chester Humanists - Garden 

In an innovatve project Chester Humanists have taken on responsibility for one of the flower beds in Grosvenor Park, Chester. 

Reflecting colours associated with Humanists UK (Green, Purple, White) and also (happily) the women's suffrage movement the bed seeks to provide a pleasing spectacle to visitors to the park. In time it is intended to augment the bed through the addition of a respesentation of human d.n.a. 

There are ambitious plans for some inclusive environmental garden projects to give our local community "food for thought" and hopefully some pleasure. 

Planted and maintained by members of Chester Humanists, the bed benefits from the knowledge and expertise of and experienced horticulturalist experienced with designing beds for show in several major venues including the Chelsea Flower Show. 

More information to follow .........

there will be a plan of the plants used in the bed and further information on exciting further plans  

Humanists believe strongly that when we work together we are greater than the sum of our parts. 

Chester Humanists are hoping to be involved in a number of projects in our local community with tree plantings and with ambitious plans for a garden area which celebrates the our Human journey from our evolution through to the current day and beyond...   


If you would like to be involved in any of the garden projects please get in touch. 

From watering to weeding to design to planting - Chester Humanists are seeking to engage in a range of projects within our local community - your ideas welcome! 

Our varied activities and services promote connection, self-learning, and humanist values.

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