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Chester Humanists provide a range of services within the local area:

  • Pastoral care for those requiring support during difficult times

  • School speakers who can increase students’ awareness and understanding about Humanism - also available for talks with local groups

Pastoral Care

Humanists UK is committed to ensuring that all people with non-religious beliefs have access to pastoral support, just as religious people have access to such support. It does this through its pastoral arm, Humanist Care, which is committed to ensuring that non-religious people should be able and capable of providing pastoral support to all those who want it, irrespective of their religion or belief.


Within Chester Humanists we have three trained Pastoral Carers who are part of an ever growing network of Humanists UK accredited non-religious pastoral carers who provide support in a range of institutional settings throughout the UK. Our local support is currently being offered and delivered in two Cheshire-based NHS hospitals.


If you would like to talk to one of our local Pastoral Carers about the services they provide, please get in touch with us.

Pastoral Care

School Speakers

Humanism is a non-religious approach to life which the Religious Education Council of England and Wales recommends be studied in schools as an example of a ‘non-religious worldview’.


We support a broad and balanced education for all young people and recognises the value of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of students. We feel the opportunity for children to learn about both religious and non-religious beliefs and values is essential if we are to foster social cohesion and respect for all. All children deserve guidance on ways to discover truth, meaning, and happiness in their lives, and how to judge the difference between right and wrong.


We contribute to this development in primary and secondary schools by offering free, experienced Humanist School Speakers. Our trained volunteers talk to students of all ages, increasing their awareness and understanding of Humanism. Using their life experience and knowledge, they can help to bring an added dimension to the classroom by helping children and young people think about issues from a different perspective.


Please get in touch should you want one of our free, trained and experienced speakers to visit your local school.

School Speakers
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